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How to distinguish a good responsible breeder from a backyard breeder of Staffordshire Bull Terriers?

I know temperament and health are both genetic and can be helped dramatically by finding reputable breeders but with some BYBreeders going out of their way to trick buyers into thinking they're getting from a good breeder then what are some other things to look for?

Keep out of it if you're just going to leave breed hate due to your ignorance. Attacks occur from BYB dogs with terrible temperaments who's owner was clueless on the importance of training, socializing, and understanding canine body language.


Nice assumptions because I don't have a puppy, I think breed tests are a waste of money, and my current dog is nowhere near being any sort of bully mix or breed. Yeah that senior fluffy mutt of mine is definitely a Pit Bull puppy.

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    If someone is breeding pets, that is a BYBer. If the breeder breeds to standards, BYBers don't, & put their dogs into AKC competition for show or working trials you have found a reputable breeder.

    Another way is to contact the National Breed Club & ask if this particular breeder is a reputable breeder or just a slimy BYBer.

    There are several breeds that most people consider pit bulls. It is just ignorance on their part cause they don't know the difference.

    The majority of dog owners don't know near enough about an animal they chose as a pet. They do not honor their dog with any training, socialization or exercise.

    I like your attitude & I totally agree with you.

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  • 2 months ago

     You consult the registered breeders list at your relevant k.c. online

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    A good breeder would obviously be AKC registered and have a web page that shows their dogs, their titles, pictures from shows, etc. Reputable breeders breed registered, show quality animals that have earned titles. They also only have a pair or a couple pairs of dogs not a whole slew of them.

    A good breeder also sells dogs with Limited Registration because they don't want just anyone breeding their animals. They provide a health guarantee, do genetic testing, etc.

    There's no "breed hate" against these dogs. Pit bulls aka bully breed mutts are the ones killing people not pedigreed Staffordshire.But I'm pretty sure you're the same person with the mutt puppy you first called a "Staffordshire Bull Terrier" that you adopted then claimed it was a "mix" and that you had DNA testing done on it, blah blah blah.  You stupidly bought a MUTT from a backyard breeder - a "Pit Bull" - so stop calling it a SBT.

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  • 2 months ago

    It probably would help if you locate a breeder via the relevant Breed Club where you are.  Clubs have Codes of Ethics which 'should' rule out a BYB or Puppy Farmer.

    And go VISIT.  Good breeders should find time to sit and talk to prospective owners of their breed, and have just as many questions of you, as you have of them.  See their set-up, the adults and how/where they are housed.   Also how many litters the breeder has in a year should be a good indication of what they are up to!   Stock testing, for the problems within the breed would be another clue.   BYBs only want to part you from your money.  And as soon as possible before their feed costs start escalating.

    The latter part of this question is rather a rant btw.

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  • 2 months ago

    go visit them and then you'll know

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