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Am I in the wrong?

I'm a 16 year old guy. Naturally I love to masturbate and I get turned on by some interesting things. I love to wear girls clothes all the way down to the panties and bra and jack myself off wearing it. I also like to look at pictures of hot girls from my school their ages sometimes go as low as 13. (They're well developed girls but I feel bad cos they're so young). I have also been dressing in school girl uniforms recently and video chatting with guys on live chat sites. I love when guys get hard for me in a dress. But I am also 100% not attracted to the guys and I don't wanna be a girl. All the sexual feelings go away when I finish jacking. Is this wrong to do. Ik some of it may be a little wrong but should I be worried

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    Yes, you are wrong, but at least you have had the sense to recognise instinctively that something is awry.

    The basic error is that you are making sex all about you and your enjoyment, and so loosing track of what sex is really for. And the more you condition yourself to think and behave in that way, the less able you will be to have a properly healthy and lasting relationship with a woman.

    Too many people today have lost track of the fact that sex has two related functions. It is the way that the new generation is brought into being, and it is the way that a man and woman form a really strong marriage bond with each other, so that their family is a stable and lasting environment in which children can be raised. Both of these things require a degree of sacrifice and focus on the other person - the husband and wife giving to each other rather than taking from each other, and each of them accepting the sacrifices that child-raising entails. That is why a focus on sex as self-indulgence and self-pleasuring is so wrong. Furthermore, if sex is divorced from its basic purposes it becomes meaningless, and the powerful emotional forces which it creates get mis-directed and can cause all sorts of problems.

    Hard as it might be for you to accept, I'm sure that even the habit of masturbation is itself a problem, because it starts to turn you towards the idea of sex existing primarily to give you pleasure. If you are doing it regularly, it is a sign that you don't control your sexual drive, but that your sexual drive is controlling you.

    I realise that these are hard ideas, and not ones that are fasionable, but if you think them through I hope that you will see that there is some truth and sense in them. Living by them can seem like a challenge, but it is not an impossible one, especially with the help of God.

    Please feel free to leave a comment if you want to discuss this any more.

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  • 1 month ago

    i probably wouldnt do all that

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  • Anonymous
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    That is normal. You do you.

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      What definition of 'normal' are you using? And even if it was 'normal' who says normal and correct are the same thing?

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