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Am I understanding Islam correctly?

 Humans were once worthy of Jannah but because of the fall of man (Adam eating from the tree) we must prove or regain our worthiness by following the commandments of Allah, follow the teachings of the Prophet, and affirm the authenticity of Muhammad and the prophets before him.

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    the last Prophet was christ mohamed was just a peadofile who had sex with babies the dead donkeys camels and Goats

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  • 2 months ago

    We were and never will be worthy of paradise if we don't obey Allah and prophet Muhammad Saw pbuh, Allah in ch 103 v 1-4 of Quran says with token of time man is in state of loss except those who have faith,good deeds, resorting people to truth, resorting people to patience and perseverance.

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    • Jesus Christ pbuh himself prophesied the coming of prophet Muhammad Saw pbuh, prophet Muhammad Saw pbuh preached and practised Quran, Allah in ch 23 v 6 of Quran says sex between husband and wife only is acceptable to Allah,Allah in ch 30 v 30 of Quran says don't alter with physiology

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