Is this good computer specs for the price?

I'm not looking for max graphics with a million fps I'm just looking for a pc that can run games at medium and if better awesome. I enjoyed 7 days to die on my laptop but it was getting laggy after a couple updates. So here's the link at walmart's website. I bought it for 370, now its 400 keep that in mind.

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  • A.J.
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    1 month ago
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    You have the good news and the bad news. I'll give the good news first.

    The cheapest way to good gaming performance is old Intel Quad core i5's in a tower style PC with 8 to 16GB ram and Windows already on it as a used PC plus adding a new efficient good graphics card that is under 75 watts maximum power, and you have that. It will work better on an ethernet cable than wireless.

    You have Windows 10, i5-2400 quad core, 4x4gb ram, Nvidia GTX 1650 2GB in a Dell Optiplex 790 business case and motherboard and a usb wifi stick. It's a year 2011 model, max'ed out in ram and updated to Windows 10, and a graphics card added.

    The bad news. The i5-2400 is the lowest end of i5 to consider, and you can get i5 3rd gen as a little better in the same price, but you don't change what you bought already.

    GTX 1650 is supposed to be 4GB GDDR5 and the specs only show 2GB. No idea what card they are actually using.

    GTX 1650 4GB is $130 to $140 now new

    $215 to $230 gets your PC without graphics card and with a better 256GB SSD instead of the old 500GB HDD

    Your price is OK as they put them together and checked that it works.

    They would usually want more money for what you have.

    GTX 1650 is rank #83, though you lose 10 to 20% for the i5-2400

    For buying complete and cheap, you did the best you could do on under $400.

    When you have it, or if you do now, figure out the graphics card.

    Maybe install SPECCY and Belarc Advisor and see if they confirm what it is.

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    • A.J.
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      Only cpu upgrade for the motherboard is i7-2600 for about $65 on ebay.  i5-2400 score 5974, i5-3570 score 7143 does not work with you mb. i7-2600 scores 8181.

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