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Question about selecting seats on Porter flight? ?

If two of us have tickets booked on a porter flight Wednesday and it’s just out of a smaller city going to Toronto, is there a good chance that the system will book us together in the same isle? If not is there a good chance that once we check in at the 24 hour mark we will be Abke to do our free seat change and make it so we’re together? We just don’t want to have to select seats ahead of time at $27 each.. 

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    As you want the cheapest way DO NOT EXPECT free premiums.

    You MIGHT get seats together . You probably will not.

    Only you can decide if sitting side by side is worth the extra fee.

    Others pay the premium to get the window and aisle seats they want.

    Those wanting to fly cheaper get the left overs which is mostly middle seats.

    It does not matter you are coming from a smaller city the planes are not flying with lots of free seats to pick from.

    Enjoy your time in Toronto. The landing has a great view of the City.

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    If the flight is full, and it is likely full this time of year, there is less than a 50% chance.   A lot of other people will be paying their $27 and booking all the seats together.  

    You will be getting 2 separate middle seats.  Unless the plane is smaller than that and doesn't have middle seats.

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