Which form do I send to get my drivers license back?

When I was 17 back in 2018, I got into an accident and the car I was driving didn't have insurance because my dad. 

Now I want to get my drivers license but it's still suspended due to the accident. According to the Texas Eligibility website, I don't have to pay anything but it's still says SR-Suspension. When I went to the DPS, the lady said to call and see if they can drop the suspension because it's been more than ten years. But when I called everything was automated so I couldn't actually talk to anyone. I sent an e-mail, but that's going to take a few days. 

I'm not sure who to talk to or what form to send. 

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  • 1 month ago

    You're going to need a letter from the DMV stating what you need to get your license back.  The filing is called SR-22.   It gets attached to whatever policy you have for whatever car you are driving.   It costs extra money - sometimes a LOT of money. 

    Moreover - since it's been so long, it's also quite likely that you will need to get a permit and take the licensing test all over again. 

    You can always go to the local DPS office, and wait in line and talk to someone in person.  Calling, as you've figured out, isn't going to work. 

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  • May
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    2 months ago

    You should have asked the DPS lady when you were speaking with her.  Since you didn't.  Go back to the DPS and ask again.  

    If you were "17 back in 2018" ten years could have not yet passed.  Did you mean to say back in 2008 ?

    • Eric2 months agoReport

      I did. I was 17 in 2007. That's what I meant. I did go back. I went back today and she didn't tell me anything I didn't already find out on my own. Now all I can do is hope that an SR-60 will reinstate my licence

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