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Snow Trouble?

Hi, So I was driving to school when even though I was driven at 25 mph, i slipt near a sharp bend and went onto a neighbors yard, it was snowing really hard so I finally got out of the yard before the sidewalk (Not the main yard), Would i get in trouble? I did no damage but mess up the look of the snow and there were some flexible poles (4 of them) that i mildly hit as well? 

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  • Laurie
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    I lived in Nebraska for 30 years. This stuff happens all the time. No big deal, as long as you didn’t strike a person, vehicle, or yard structure/building.

    And SLOW DOWN. When the roads are slick, 25 mph can be too fast.

    Remember this: test the brakes from time to time, and if you don’t immediately stop, you are driving too fast.

    If you can’t stop at all, you should NOT be driving at all.

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    Accidents happen, but that doesn't absolve you of responsibility for any damage you did.  (No matter how slow you were going, the fact that you lost control proves you were going too fast *for the conditions*) So the question is whether there is any damage.  Messing up the snow isn't damage.  If your tires dug up the grass underneath, or if any of the "flexible" poles were pushed over or damaged, you are responsible to fix them and/or put them back the way they were.

    You will earn your neighbor's respect by fessing up to what happened and offering to fix any damage that you did. Chances are, they will tell you it's no big deal and they are just glad you weren't hurt. Worst case is that you go over in the spring with a rake and a couple bucks worth of grass seed. Small price for respect.

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    no big deal. and, the truth is it was too dangerous to drive to school at day. next similar conditions storm, you skip school ... can't get there safely

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  • Poppy
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    This is a solo accident, it is 100% your fault. You were driving too fast for conditions, period. You are obligated to fix any damage you did.

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