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What is it about the gentile that Jews don't trust or like about them?

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    The fact that--speaking historically--they discriminate against, hate, banish and murder them?

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    Until the 1980s, it was the official policy of the Roman Catholic Church to spread lies about Jews and persecute them.  They finally began to apologize for their crimes against humanity forty years after the Nazis were defeated.

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    Jesus Christ was a born Jew. He was the Messiah they were expecting but did not believe it was him. Jesus told his Jewish followers that they were to "love their enemies and to pray for them..." Matthew 5:43-45--He also said that "the good news of God's Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations."--Matthew 24:14---He told them to: "Go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations,"--Matthew 28:19--He told them: "Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified."--Matthew 6:9--They must have known God's name, Jehovah, or Jesus would not have had them pray for it to be sanctified. Because of diligent study of the Bible, Jehovah's Witnesses began to "sanctify" God's name in the year 1935. We come by God's name from the Bible.--Isaiah 43:10-12---I invite you to learn what God's name is and other Bible teachings from the international website, and Bible Teachings > Online Lessons. Thank you for this question.

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    I imagine that 2000 years of continuous persecution might have something to do with it.

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