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How long does it take for the water temperature to drop from 100 ° C (212 ° F) to 80 ° C (176 ° F) after boiling in an electric kettle?

I bought a Yerba Mata brewing set, a mug with this funny spoon with a strainer and Yerba Mat itself.

I didn't want to buy a thermometer anymore, because I already spent a lot of money and Christmas is coming :-)

So I bought new Gilete and Yerbe blades for myself as a gift.

I work as a guard in a factory, I work mainly on night shifts and sometimes I do 24/7 shifts, mainly on the weekend, the work is not bad, but the salary sucks a bit

But I'm not complaining who would not want to have a job where you can watch Netflix or listen to the radio as part of your work :-)

Although sometimes I have a problem with drowsiness especially when I do a 24-hour shift :-(

Sometimes I bought energy drinks like Monster or natural based on Yerba mate, but they are expensive

So I thought it would be cheaper to buy Yaerba Mate itself.

I asked the seller how much time to wait from boiling water to brew Yerbe, he said that he does not drink it but his colleague said that you have to wait a few minutes, but he did not say because he did not know how many minutes.

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