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Egg bound budgie?

We have a budgie that's about 6 or 7 years old. She's never tried laying eggs and only this year has she begun any sort of "mating" behaviours. We believe she is egg bound and aren't sure what to do about it. She's always been healthy but has never been to the vet, and is quite aggressive when you try to touch her (normal behaviour for her). We're afraid she'll die of a heart attack if we try to her to the vet or pick her up, and aren't sure what else to do? She seems to be in a lot of pain and I want to help. 

Are there any at-home remedies to help her pass this egg safely?

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  • Raven
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    1 month ago

    I hope you read this in time. Get some mineral oil. Get a Qtip, dip it in the oil. You will have to grab your bird. Rub the oil on her vent-- where she poops. Get enough on there to coat it, and work some oil inside a bit. Don't have her dripping in oil! Put her back in her cgae. Now, you must get a heating pad, turn it on medium, and place it under half of the cage, so she can sit on the warm spot, or move away from it. Cover the cage with a towel, leaving the bottom open an inch or two. Heat is very important. Hopefully she will pass the egg. Be sure to have a fresh cuttlebone and crushed oystershell in the cage.for her to eat. She's eggbound due to lack of enough calcium.

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