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Can industrial pollution apply to humans?

Im researching industrial pollution for a project and i am mostly seeing air pollution and water pollution that harms the ozone or marine life. Im having issues finding sources and found a bunch of sources that pertain to humans such as agricultural industry using pesticides that harm humans and may cause cancer. Can industrial pollution apply to the damage industries do to humans? If not, what would the right phrase for the damage industries can cause to humans?

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    Environmental pollution is of the environment but we as humans also live in that environment and so are polluted by it.

    Think of Chernobyl - nobody can live there. The radioactive particles around Fukishima means they should not fish there, but they do, and people eat the fish.

    The air pollution in China means most people wear masks all day and night.

    Most fish caught today are likely to contain plastics.

    In the US some tap water contains chemicals from oil fracking as it has polluted the groudwater.

    Many older apartments and hospitals contain asbestos.

    So this is all industrial pollution that affects humans.

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    Watch the Attenborough series..highly informative.  

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