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Is that normal cough hundreds of times since some days?

And have a lot of liquid in the nouse, sometimes feeling bad etc. It was without liquid and only sometimes a day, now is everytime, and it was all the night, and a huge pain in the belly left side, i think it was because of the coughs. I took parecetamol, ibofren but it still continues.

Is that normal to have bad sensation after those meds?

What's a natural healing to cough and pain in the throath?

Some pain in the chest.

The cough started weeks before.

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    I am going to go with that it is not normal to have a cough for weeks on end.  Time to see a doctor.  The pain is very likely from all the coughing.  You might have pneumonia and/or some sort of bacterial infection that took hold in your mucous when you were hit by a virus and ended up making to much mucous. The general word for your problem is probably "bronchitis" which just means you have a bronchial (lung-related) problem. It could be caused by a lot of different things, really, but a viral infection that lasts for weeks is not "normal", so it is probably not the original sickness that is causing you troubles now.  It can happen, but it is not common.

    I personally do not like ibuprofen because it messes with my stomach. I don't deal with it very well, so I use other OTC painkillers.

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    You can consult a doctor. Or try any natural treatment or remedy or try works on me

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    Go to your doctor

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