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In English class we were asked to analyze and write about the strong points and weak points of this text. What do I write it confuses me!?

Her hair in the sun was the musical notes of cinnamon and smelled of roses and sometimes wind and sometimes apple butter or hay in the winter. Her braids were long, so she tucked them up and fastened them with a battalion of bobby pins; which youthfully framed her roundish but not completely roundish little face like the Little Debbie girl, but bronzed, not freckled. This confused many; that she was mildly wise by temperament, old-fashioned at times—she must of course be older then— yet her girlish braids and finicking, unaware, completely genuine and blushing gentle nature led many to believe she was a child; an imponderable delicate creature at the least, vastly old and newly young of the same fabric. She was a romantic at heart, even stemmed from early youth, and she was fully convinced that nobody was aware of this. But, something in her nature was so true and honest a bit noble, yet sweet and pleasing, like an English Rose in a little country garden that any acquaintance of hers was influenced in realtime by this charming contagion and were romanced not by the romance we know of today—a scandal— but the romance of old; lavender and Lillies…. 

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    Think of it as writing Pros and Cons about the text. What are the things that you like and dislike about it? They can be used as the basis for you paper?

    Did you like the descriptions used? You can say a Strong Point is the use of similes in this paper. 

    If the paper confuses you, then as a Weak Point you can talk about how it was too rambley to understand properly and doesn't flow well. Or if you liked it, say it was a Strong Point because it gives a bit of flair over who has the interest in the girl. 

    Analysis is just a fancy work for thinking about the text in front of you. You can pick from Word Choice, Sentence Structure, Writing Style, and any other literary device to go over. 

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    Too much sugar for my taste. Cloying,

    Please get a dictionary and refer to it frequently; you've used too many words incorrectly in your text, and the grammar is abysmal.

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    you write what will fulfill the assignment.

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