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Will my boyfriend be targeted hurt or killed in jail if he snitches?

My boyfriend was driving in the car with his brother and a large amount of drugs were found. The car is my boyfriends. My boyfriend doesn’t sell drugs but his brother on the other hand has been in and out of prison for a murder and drugs charges. My boyfriend brother lied and said the drugs were all my boyfriends. So now they are both in jail with no bail. My boyfriend is afraid that if he tells the truth and snitches on his brother if he gets convicted he will be labeled as a snitch in jail and get stabbed and or killed. My boyfriend knows the gang members and dealers who are supplying his brother. He is just afraid to tell. He is also afraid to take it to Trial because if he loses he will get the maximum time. I want him to tell the truth and tell the police that this was all his brothers but I don’t want him getting hurt or killed if he snitches and gets time. What should I advise him to do

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your boyfriend's brother has been "in and out of prison for a murder and drug charges."  Obviously, your boyfriend isn't telling you everything.

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  • John H
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    1 month ago

    Tell him to do what he thinks best. YOU get out of his life and STAY out of it. No boyfriend is worth this grief. He is obviously too stupid to be in a relationship.

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