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New dog not getting along with old dog ?

So I adopted a beagle yesterday, (11 months old female, not spayed) and she’s not getting along with my old/resident dog (9 years old male Silky Terrier). I brought both of them on a walk before bringing the new dog home, with my mom walking the new dog and me walking my terrier. At first, my terrier was wagging it’s tail but as they got closer, he started barking and lunging at the beagle. I continued to let them walk for about another 15-20 mins before bringing both of them home (letting the terrier enter first) but he started barking and lunging as soon as the beagle stepped foot into the house or got too close. But when the beagle is on a leash he seems fine. Today I let both of them out in the front yard of the house with my terrier roaming free and the beagle on a leash by my side. My terrier began inspecting all the beagle’s belongings and started sniffing her (no aggression) after awhile he even sat close to her and both of them took a nap close to each other (about 3-5 feet distance, but with me in the middle separating them) I saw that they were doing fine so I got up and immediately they got into a fight, my terrier bit the beagle and the beagle was yelping, I broke up the fight as fast as I could with verbal commands and my hand to gesture “stop” (which is my way of telling my dog to stay/stop/no) my dog left the beagle alone for another couple of hours, (coming up to sniff her every once in awhile but with my by their side). What can I do to help them get along? 

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