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my hamster rolled down the stairs in its ball, she was unconscious and we put her down and she started running around like nothing happened.?

She is running on her wheel nonstop and she’s been eating and acting perfectly normal. Could there be any serious injury’s?

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  • 1 month ago

    You are a bit lucky there are no injuries, This is one of the things that make the balls dangerous.

    Vent holes have been known to tear off toes and toenails.

    Heat can reach fatal levels in a short time.

    Hamsters rely a lot on smell and sound when they forage and don't have that in a ball.

    The notion is novel, but in practice they should be banned.

    You can give your hammie a great time out of cage just sitting with it in a bathtub and just let it do its thing. Don't forget treats..

    No bathtub,,mayby one of those kiddy pools or large enough bin box,,just as long as escape proof and you can catch your hamster with little fuss. Use a large drink cup or TP roll to go back and forth, they spook, they try to jump from your hands and not good.

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