If you had a twin sibling what would you feel if a guy or girl told you this?

So I’m mad crushing over someone who has an identical twin sibling. My crush is kind of showing hard to get but was kind of upset when the twin sibling was being friendly to me and I was flirting back. When I got the chance to talk to my crush I was trying to be overly romantic and kneeling down saying “don’t be upset I like you way more than your twin and it wouldn’t matter if you were triplets or quadruplets I would still pick you.” My crush told me how is that possible to distinguish between triplets and quadruplets and I replied easy because of love and kissed my crush’s hand. My crush wanted to laugh hard but controlled it and tried to give me a snobby face. 

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  • Rowan
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Well, at least she can tell which one she is. I mean, in these situations, generally people can learn to at least not take themselves too seriously? I'm not suggesting a threesome, although that's usually what I suggest, if there's nothing else to be said. 

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