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Why am I so sad?

I know that I'm the only one who is in control of my happiness. But I've been overwhelmingly sad, and this isnt something new. I've always hid my sadnesss from everyone, I couldn't tell people how I really feel. Every time someone asks if im good, I lie and say yes. But deep down ik I'm hurting. Some times I go out with my friedns and have a good time, but around so many people I still feel as though I'm alone. I've been having so many sleepless nights, and the night when I actually get sleep is probably because ive cried sleep, I'm just tired of feeling depressed, I want to feel happy, im honestly trying, but nothing seems to work. 

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  • justin
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    2 months ago

    send me a mesage my insta is camaro codybattery my email or usa my text now number is 717 516 0310 and my facebook is camaro elfyboy with a pink sword art online anime picture. I am not a poster so don't worry if i have nothing up. it is too complicated for me. I am here to be supportive and if ur struggling with faith I have a strong connectionto god and ask him my questions personally and the answers i recieve are usually more comforting than the copy pasted ones i hear at church. I can help u understand if u need it. my method of support involves hugs and adorableness sometimes so if ur not cool with that tell me and il try to adjust to ur needs.

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  • 2 months ago

    Maybe you’re suffering from depression and need to take Prozac. Speaking of Prozac, watch Prozac nation. Seeing Christina ricci fully naked with her full Bush makes me happy. 

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