Someone please solve these English questions. Best answer gets reward.?

Identify each of the following as either a correct sentence [okay], a run-on [ro], or comma splice [cs]. 

My math teacher explained her points system it involves a lot of percentages. 


Plane travel has changed dramatically in the past few years, it's no fun anymore.


 I volunteer at a cat shelter on Tuesdays, and I work at a hospital on weekends. 


My film classes are fun we just watch movies and write essays about them.


Warehouse stores are good places to shop if you have a big freezer.


Choose the correct verb in parentheses to maintain subject-verb agreement in the following sentences. 

_____51. Learning any new skill (require, requires) time and patience. 

_____52. On the ground by the door (was, were) my student I.D. card and my car keys. 

_____53. Either the CEO or the stockholders (is going, are going) to lose money. 

_____54. Neither of the children (has received, have received) a vaccination before..

 ____55. My counselor and my teacher (has advised, have advised) me to apply to an art school. 

_____56. An assortment of lottery tickets (has become, have become) a popular gift. 

_____57. Writing effective thesis statements (is, are) difficult but important.. 

_____58. One of my teachers (has been writing, have been writing) a textbook for the film class. 

_____59. A big bag of books (was sitting, were sitting) on top of the car. 

_____60. A movie with too many special effects usually disappoint, disappoints) audiences. 

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