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Should someone who has never been kissed, had sex, has never had friends, has never been in a relationship, and wants to be a hermaphrodite?

Kill themselves? Because according to most people on this planet (which I also hate), especially those who's lives are heavily defined by their gender, the things which I haven't experienced by age 31 are a very important meanings of life. There are literally children barely more than half my age which have families already (mainly because they are worthless conformists and have endless sex for pleasure) and I never even attended my asinine high-school prom because I don't agree with the gender dimorphism that exists going to those things along with people drinking and using mind-altering drugs for acceptance. I don't want to experience life or any gender dimorphism or inequality ever again. I can't even agree with the fact that there are different races existing throughout the planet. I want to kill myself and be amended into a full-scale hermaphrodite which can reproduce with itself. For one reason because I hate how men and women are defined by society (mainstream and underground) (subcultures and movements have gender dimorphism within themselves also), but also partially because I want to be capable of doing a lot of the things which I haven't experienced with anyone with myself and not have to worry for a second about another person accepting me enough to do any of the things which I mentioned never have done or anyone else experiencing with me.

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    Obsessed? Mind taking business. Prolly isn't a concern for them like it is for you.

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    When we discovered moms smells from between her thighs her skull smashed her skull in.

    Adam and Eve chasing Eden befall the flashing blade God placed in one corner.

    Dimorphism is as a result of the institutions they enter which enters them by fixing it for themselves -

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    • All that you ever hear about on television is individuals with distinct and inhumane gender dimorphism which look like satanic demons harming and killing androgynous people because of what they look like above anything else. Never the other way around.

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