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Go back to my country and leave him?

I’m a 30years old woman currently living with my 23 year old boyfriend in England. I'm from Spain and he from Czech Republic and we met last year when I visited my brother in England.

We have a good relationship in general but the thing is,he eventually wants to get back to his country. He plans to marry me there and make me part of the família,but I just don't have any interest in his country and I plan to eventually get back to Spain where I have my mother in not so good condition.

Here in England I can't adapt myself to the weather and location we are now,so I'm having anxiety attacks all the time,one of them requiring an ambulance because I just couldn't move.

He is a very smart lovely man,but he should be finishing university back in his country and I feel bad he isn't. I'm a professional hairdresser but I need a different certification to work here so I'm picking the first jobs I can,usually jobs I never did before and with not enough hours offered to be independent. 

Can someone give me a good advice? I would be grateful as I feel so lost.

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    If neither of you wants to live in the same country you obviously can't continue the relationship unless you want to be just penpals who visit in person once in a while.

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