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I have a networking question. Please help!?

Your Company has been allocated the Class C network address You wish yo subnet your network such that each subnetwork in your instillation should allow 22 hosts per subnet.

What is the maximum number of hosts assigned to each subnet? How many of the hosts are usable?

Please tell me how to do this question in full, because I don't really understand how to do this.

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    So having the bit mask for the IP block you know how many IP addresses you have.  You now have to consider how to further divide down that block using a more restrictive bit mask that allows no less than 22 hosts per subnet!  Simples!

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  • BigE
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    Crim Liar has it right.  It must be a value between 25-32.

    Use this calculator, and look at how it changes as you increase the netmask bits:

    Understand its output.

    Every network has some IPs that are not useable:

    The router interface.

    The broadcast ip.

    The network itself.

    In the case of, that would be: (typically one puts the router interface on the lowest ip) (this is the all ones, used for unicast broadcast) (the network cannot be used for the client)

    So you have 256 ips but only 253 can be assigned to hosts, "useable".

    Now extrapolate that to a smaller network (longer netmask).

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  • Dimo
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    1 month ago

    Talk to your instructor.  

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  • 1 month ago

    So what exactly is your question? What part of the problem do you not understand? We don't generally mind helping, but if you don't tell us what you already did it makes it seem that you want us to do the work for you.

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