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Why is it illegal to own meerkats as pets in the US?

I have looked into what it takes to own a meerkat as a pet and I get that it's hard. I have seen YouTube videos of people owning them as pets and them seeming pretty happy. I know they definitely need to have more than one so they can socialize. But really something I don't get is people owning actual dangerous animals as pets in the US while meerkats are illegal. And also another thing is they do have a longer life expectancy when living in captivity. I have actually done research on them before finding out they were illegal to own so really myself I do think I would do a good job at raising meerkats but since it is illegal I can't really do it. I am aware it's legal in the UK so it is like they kinda prove meerkats can be pets.


I live in Indiana where you can own quite a bit of exotic pets legally. You can own skunks where I live and fennec foxes and pretty much any fox breed but a fennec fox does come from Africa so that also makes me wonder why meerkats could really be illegal. I did check many sources and they do tell me in the US they are illegal and highly restricted. I have also personal meet people with pet tarantula and red belly piranhas. 

Update 2:

I get that a lot of people will definitely say meerkats aren't good pets but honestly from what I have seen they can be if you know what to do. They do take a lot more care than most normally domestic pets.

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    Some states simply ban them,(all states) likely for the lack of captive breeders, It is illegal to take them from the wild everywhere. (ASPCA lobby)

    With some, I just don't understand why prohibited, rodent are open season, that should apply to porcupine, they are rodents.

    Back to early 60s you could keep near anything, a pet skunk in California, the only requirement was shots. Health department stopped that one. They can't make the same claim for possum, another sweet pet, but banned also.

    A western horned owl, not really a pet but tame enough it liked human attention,feeding, but free to come and go. Bird of prey laws stop that without a falconry license.

    California now bans near anything not domestic, and a number limit on such like rodents. Funny, the 5 bergs of New York ban anything venomous, that black widow webbed in the corner is just fine, put it in captivity, it is illegal.

    I think it is all about money, enough, you can get permits/licenses to keep anything but cost a lot. Some should never be kept for lack of knowledge, Bats in that group.

    Honestly, I see no viable answer for your question, maybe check with your county and see if there are any ways to get around your laws, I am a former animal rescue person, county licensed rehabber but not a catch all keeping wildlife pets.

    What I get is meercats simply don't make for "good" pets.

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  • Anonymous
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    Illegal in my state

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    meerkats are WILD animals, and can't keep 'wild' animals as pets in most of the U.S.

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