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Would it be dumb to join the military with a law degree, but not as a lawyer?

I'm about to graduate from college, and have the GPA, stats etc. to join as an officer right now. However, my end-goal is law school. My parents have offered to pay for all of my law school expenses if I go immediately after graduation (and my stats give me a very good chance of getting into top 10 schools, such as the Ivy league ones). However... I know JAG is extremely competitive, and is actually quite possibly the most competitive job to get in all of law. I would rather join as a normal officer now and go to law school later ideally, but I cannot turn down my parents' extremely generous offer.

If I got rejected from JAG, would it be stupid to join the military as a normal officer anyway, despite having a law degree? Would it ruin my career chances outside the military to be a lawyer who hasn't practiced law in 5-10 years?


@Anonymous self-admitted high school child. Not one thing you wrote is accurate grammatically, and you seem to have no concept of what JAG even is. Yes, it is statistically the hardest to get job (there is no distinction between career and job; it essentially means the same thing) as only 1% are accepted into JAG and approximately 5% are accepted into Biglaw (which are the jobs with $180,000 starting salaries).

Update 2:

@Steven F nowhere did I say I already have a law degree, and actually in Europe a law degree (and medical degree) are obtained straight out of college, as they are considered undergraduate degrees there. So either way, you are incorrect.

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    Many people take a 5 year break between graduation and law school.  That works fine.  The reverse does not work; you will absolutely not get a BigLaw job if there is a 5 year gap between Law school and your application as a first year Associate.

    But you do not need to make all these decisions right now.   Obviously you have a high GPA but have you done the LSAT?  Many people, especially those whose undergraduate studies have not been in an area that requires logic, find they need to spend a year working on their LSAT scores, usually with a clerking internship to get courtroom experience. 

    I would say (and my opinion is worth only what you paid for it) that if you can get into a top 10 Law school and your parents are willing to pay for this, it is a no brainer to just go.   Presume you know that graduating from a top 10 law school is no guarantee of a BigLaw job so there are risks even if you graduate from Yale or Harvard law.  Law is cyclical.

    At the end of the day you are doing to need to decide what matters most to you.  If joining the military is your number one; join now and forgo the free Law school.  If becoming a lawyer, JAG or not,  is the most important thing, go to Law school and apply to JAG with BigLaw as your backup.

    By the way my daughter and son-in-law both attended law school on scholarship.  It is not that hard, you just need to go to a slightly less prestigious school.  Both got BigLaw jobs.

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    If you can get into a top law school and survive you will do much better than JAG when you get out.

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    If you CARE, you don't belong in the military OR in the legal field.

    If you have to ask, you should have failed the LSAT.

    If you think you CAN have a law degree straight out of college, you should have failed the SAT.

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  • Edgar
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    I'd take the offer and go to law school. I'm sure the military would welcome you afterwards if you still wanted to go in.

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    If this is how you write - for example, your punctuation - I would presume you are NOT going to be accepted in law school, particularly "Ivy League."

    I am laughing that "JAG ... is actually quite possibly the most competitive 'job' [your word, job] to get in all of law."  Really, you really believe that?

    If  you got rejected "from" JAG - as I said, no way are you going to law school, no matter WHO pays the tuition.  A "normal" officer?

    I see this as a Freshman in high school with lots of time on his/her hands.

    I know legal CAREERS.  I don't see a future in your plans.

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