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Can you forme tag question from passive voice?

For example

Active sentence ( Ibuilt a wall in our garden last week)

Passive sentence (A wall in our garden was built by me last week)

So can we form tag question for the passive sentence?

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    Of course you can. You don't usually ask questions about what you yourself did, but you could say "A wall was built by me last week, wasn't it?"

    A more common example would be

    That wasn't broken by you, was it?

    They weren't delayed in arriving, were they?

    The lights weren't turned off, were they?

    I haven't been left on read, have I? 

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  • Mike
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    1 month ago

    A tag question wouldn't make sense using your example, unless you built the wall while unconscious, but you could ask "This wall in our garden was built by Uncle Butch last week, wasn't it?"

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