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During the Senate Impeachment Trial, can the Republicans force the whistleblower to publicly testify? I hope so, so Trump can retaliate?

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    They can call any witnesses that they feel are needed including the whistle blower.

    Keep in mind this is a trial and the accused has the right to face their accuser on court.

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  • jehen
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    2 months ago

    What would it matter? The whistle-blower's account has been testified to and verified by first hand sources. Be that as it may, it actually is illegal to 'retaliate' against a whistle blower bringing facts to light. So that would be one more high crime or misdemeanor.

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  • 2 months ago

    We are SO far past the whistle blower, that no one cares anymore. But the answer is no. They can't force him/her to testify publicly. That would be against the law that protects a whistle blower's identity. They could depose the person in private, or they could have them testify while maintaining their anonymity, but they can't force them to reveal their identity.

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  • There isn't going to be an impeachment trial in the Senate.

    OK here's the deal: Liberal/leftists' entire political agenda and philosophy is based on false accusations. They will have to keep doubling down on false accusations. It's all they have. At this point, After the Mueller report found no crimes, leftist democrats have no actual intention of impeaching Trump and sending it to the Senate for a trial. They simply cannot afford for the Senate to declare Trump Not guilty. Nor can they afford honest evidentiary procedure Roberts would impose on a Senate trial. Leftist democrats have only one gambit. Protracted hearings and investigations lasting past the next election. They must, at all costs, keep publicity away from Trump's policies causing our booming economy. They can only divert attention away from the economy by making constant accusations of criminal behavior on Trump's part. If the democrats can't divert attention away from the economy, they might just start looking at their retirement accounts.

    If the democrats can't divert attention away from the economy. The American public is going to start to look real hard at their 401K's and wondering "Can we afford an anti-Trump president?"

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes. I doubt there will be a trial. Democrats have no evidence to force one.

    No honest prosecutor would bring this to trial based on the "evidence" Democrats are producing.

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