Work continuing to speak to people who never asked my name?

At church, every week I sit in the same pew, and every week the same people sit around me. Two of them are guys my age. I go by myself, and one other one does. One has a wife and kids but brings them only some of the time.

Since I'm an officer in the church and we are instructed to try to build community with others, I asked their names, which they gave me, and during the passing of the peace during the service, I always say hello to them, by name.

They keep sitting in pews next to mine, and they always greet me during the passing of the peace, just like you would greet anyone.

But they've never asked my name and never said hello otherwise.

Worth bothering to speak to these people from now on? Or better to just sit somewhere else where people are perhaps friendlier?



I gave them my name when I asked for theirs.  But they've never used my name or asked for it (such as "Can you remind me of your name?").

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  • Nous
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    1 month ago

    RESPECT THEIR RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What do you not understand about Christianity,church and all that involves is not about your ego or desires and only about worshipping God?! "Officer of the church" ho grand and what power or authority does it allow you have?!

    Try becoming a CHRISTIAN and respect others, everyone has the right under God to worship as they wish and communicate or not without judgement from people like yourself!

  • 1 month ago

    Why didn't you offer your name when you initially greeted them...

    Is ignoring them how one, "builds community with others"?

    Lead by example.

    • East1 month agoReport

      Thanks.  I did (forgot to mention that).

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