Impact of child support?

Im on disability and getting SSDI and the other parent gets the dependency bennifit for my child do I get credit for that amount towards amout I pay for Child support

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  • Judith
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    2 months ago

    You can petition the court to take the child's benefit into consideration and reduce the amount of child support you must pay out of your own benefit.  The court will need proof of all income.

    Be sure not to miss payments because that is one of the few things social security benefits can be garnished for - that and monies owed other federal agencies, student loans backed by the federal government, back child support and alimony payments.

    I was a social security claims rep for 32 yrs.

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  • 2 months ago

    that is up to the court order

    YES, OFTEN the court only orders the dependent benefit as child support, but sometimes they will order more.

    for example, the dependent benefit is 500, court could still order 600...with you paying 100 extra

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  • 2 months ago

    No, that is money to support the child. It does not serve as income (credit) for anyone. You remain responsible to support your child, even if the way you support them is from benefits you receive. The dependency benefit received on behalf of your child is rarely enough to pay the actual expenses to care for the child. 

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    • I don't think people are understanding this based on the thumbs down.  If you owe X in child support, you have to pay X.  If the other parent gets other money for child support, the judge can reduce the amount you owe. but doesn't have to. Until a judge reduces what you owe, you still owe X. 

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