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The third secret of Fatima and the end of the world. Was there a cover-up?

In 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared to three shephard children in Fatima, Portugal and gave a series of messages about the end of the world

The first two secrets was a vision and then the Virgin Mary explained the visions. The Virgin Mary told the children the church could not release the third vision until 1960 because the world was not ready for it. The vision was kept in a sealed envelope unkwn except to the children. The Pope at the time opened it in 1959 instead of 1960 a year before he was supposed to

According to some people who interviewed sister Lucia  (one of the shephard children) the final message was so frightening a scandalous the church hierarchy did not reveal it in its entirety. It is believed the message said that Satan’s power would almost take over the entire church in the 21st century.

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  • Doug
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    2 months ago

    Most likely. The sordid "crew" running the Catholic Church since the mid 1960's tends to adamantly reject the authenticity of anything not purely of their own "design". And they're not above resorting to lies and/or other forms of treachery, in order to have their way. That said, God has ways of dealing with that type of high level apostasy, so the truth will almost certainly come out, at some point.

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  • Fátima (Portugal) - Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Lourdes (France), etc..., there is no secret from Mary, Our Lady, by order of God!

    Mary's soul, Our Lady, is with God, Mary cannot intercede with humanity, because the only intercessor between God and men is Jesus Christ, the Lord!

    So those alleged appartments to children and others, truly was not Mary, but was Satan,

     Disguised as a Woman, to deceive believers who live a religious life, out of Christian doctrine!

    The prophecies that come from God for humanity are not hidden, because they are revealed by order of God to his true prophets, of what will have to happen, of good, or of evil!

    Therefore, the so-called Catholic Church has been deceived by these people who call themselves Seers, in relatives are witches and sorcerers, who are associated with Satan and demons!

    The same applies to the so-called Sister Lucia, a witch who has not actually revealed what she has seen over the years, namely, Mutant Demons!

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  • Jeff
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    2 months ago

    more CULT baloney!! get real, you clown!

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