Hi, What is meant by walk-through registration ?


Here is the context: Walk-through registration took me three hours to complete.

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  • John
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    2 months ago
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    It refers to a now outdated process of manually registering for classes for the upcoming semester.  In the old days, to register for classes one had to get into long lines, while clutching a list of classes one wanted to take.  Upon getting to the front, one would sign papers telling which classes they wanted.  Those who started near the end of the lines frequently were met with chaos, as many classes at the best times were full by the time they tried to register.  

    Nowadays, of course, most students register online.  Only those deciding to enroll at the last minute have to use a walk-through process.

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  • 1 month ago

    It's like an assembly line.  Don't stop.  Just keep walking through it until there's nothing left.  Three hours is too long.  They gotta learn to speed up production.  Universities gotta keep pumpin and dumpin them students if they want more profits.  

    While you're at it you might wanna walk straight through the registration office and out the back door.  Get in your car, cut to the chase and get a nice, cushy job in fast food instead.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNgcYGgtf8M

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