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I broke my finger nail in half at the center of my nail bed. I can’t take it off because it’s attached by skin can I put an acrylic over it?

I always have dipped nails which if you don’t know is a powder that hardens and stays on for a little less than a month. I want to get dipped nails again but my nail is broken through the middle. I know that it would not be good to put dip over it. So should I get my nails done and have them leave my broken one alone or could I get an acrylic put over it and then have them dip the acrylic? Would it be bad for my nail to heal with an acrylic over it? 

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  • Laura
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    You need to leave the broken one alone and let it grow out. 

    You cannot put acrylic on top of it, and you can't do the dip nails either. It won't heal if you put something on top of it.  Leave it alone and let it heal.

    • alyssa1 month agoReport

      Thank you, that helped a ton!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Do not put anything on top of your nail and allow the injury to heal.

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