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How bad does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?

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    Everyone's pain tolerance is different. They try and give you pain estimations online and I can tell you right now that you can't go off of what other people say their experience was like. For example, a daith piercing is one that is most notorious for being extremely painful. When I got it, it was one of the least painful ear piercings (and I have a lot) that I have gotten. On the other hand, many people said that a septum piercing was one of the least painful, and for me it was one of the worst (and yes, it was done properly). 

    So with that said, tongue piercings are *commonly* reported to be low on the pain scale. I would also agree that it was not very painful. It felt much like the pain of pinching yourself briefly on the tongue. But that does not mean you will experience the same thing - your own pain tolerance will dictate what you feel. Good luck!

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