mere pass intel i3 7th generation processor hai. isme window 7 kaise install kare?

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  • 1 month ago

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    I have an Intel 3rd generation processor. How to install window 7 in it?

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    Same as any other install of Windows 7.  It usually involves you setting your PC up in the BIOS to default boot from the install DVD, perform the install process, then set it to default boot from the installed OS on the hard drive.  See your motherboard's documentation to find out how to change this setting in the BIOS.

    ----- My answer translated to Hindi via Google Translate -----

    vindoj 7. kee kisee bhee any instol ke roop mein bhee. yah aamataur par aapako apane peesee ko bios mein sthaapit karane ke lie sthaapit deeveedee se boot karane ke lie difolt roop se sthaapit karata hai, instol prakriya karata hai, phir ise haard draiv par sthaapit oes se difolt boot par set karen. bios mein is seting ko kaise badalana hai, yah jaanane ke lie apane madarabord ke dastaavez dekhen.

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