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Owners of dog breeds prone to same sex aggression - How do you make it work?


Because surely they'll be interacting with the same sex at some point and the last thing you'd want is a scuffle. Do they require heavier socializing with the same sex even more than their opposite gender?

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    By googling your question I come up with lots of sites that will help you learn a little about canine aggression & dogs fighting at home. Check out the sites & I am sure your question will be answered & you can learn more about what is going on & have more understanding of canine behavior.

    Temperament of the dogs have a lot to do with it. The pecking order of the litter & the idiots that BYB them will tell you a lot, too. So many things to take into consideration when dogs fight. Dog on dog aggression is so common now because of the reckless way BYBers pop out their junk puppies. Poor breeding tactics produce some rather nasty pups/dogs.

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  • 1 month ago

    The breeds more likely to be aggressive towards others of the same sex (male) are terriers, but I'd not say this is true of all male terriers!!   To prevent something like this from happening, I'd AVOID.  I lived with a couple who kept Jackies BUT they only kept one male.   All the others were female.   He wouldn't tolerate another male actually under 'his' roof.   But he lived with my males - as long as mine were behind fencing!!

    The rest is training.

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