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What does "turned with" means in the sentence?

Hi guys, recently I was reading breathing apparatus manuals and couldn't understand those sentence. will be appreciated if you can teach me what this means.

- Check the Green dial is turned with the flat section facing the mask.

: there is a delivery hose connected to the oxygen cylinder and this sentence about the dial which connected to the face mask to control oxygen depends on lung demand.

I am wondering if it means "Check the green dial's flat section is facing the mask" or... "Check if the green dial is actually able to turn on for the mask's flat section"

or..another meaning??

- "it ensures the positive flow of the air during changeover" means they make your breath safely while you are changing your apparatus..? wondering what exactly the meaning of "positive flow of the air"

thanks for your help!!

will be appreciated if you can help me!!


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    The green dial is apparently not completely round. It sounds like it has a flat side like a D rather than being perfectly round like an O.  The flat side of the dial should be facing the mask.

    "Positive flow of air" means that the air is coming to the mask with a bit of pressure behind it. 

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      Thanks for your Answer!

      In "Positive flow of air", does Positive imply the meaning of Pressure? 

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    it means turned, so that (with) the dial face able to be seen by the person (who will be looking from behind the mask).  Won't do much go to have a dial with the face pointing the wrong way so the person cannot see what the dial is showing.

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      Thanks for your answering!
      it means people should be able to see the dial from behind the mask to control dial when they are wearing the mask, so check if the dial is
      on the face mask's flat section to be able to see from behind of the mask?

      Thanks for your help, really!!

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