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Is an announcement done before the mariage by the civil state?

I know that in some cases it's put in the walls but is that online?

2-Do you have to go to other countries in a genealogic research?

3-Can you discover things in the family search and

4-What are the first steps to start a genealogic research?

5-Where did come from people from the south Italy in majority?

6-How to ask a birth , marriage and death certificates in the US and UK? Is that public?

7-Do profissional researches ask a lot of money to do a tree?

8-What when you can not find some certificates? Is that because they didn't get married in the region? Do we have to ask to the church or higher than the church?

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    1. What is online depends on the where you are researching and their policy/procedures

    2 No

    3 Sure, they give you a clue about where to look for real records, you can discover many trees that are 'lets pretend'

    4 At home with the records you already have

    5 They came from Southern Italy

    6 Certificates belong to the Government, you have to order and pay for a copy

    7 Depends... 'professional' just means they charge money....... some are useless and just copy and paste from online websites, while others are real researchers who prove each and every person with record back up

    8 You could be looking in the wrong place, wrong dates, or they never married.Local records offices have church records you can search and BTs, civil marriages only have certificates ( which you purchade) some churches allow you to research in their parish books, most charge a fee, historical societies, local family history groups and National archives

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