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What kind of guitar pickup should I buy?

I have a 3/4 acoustic guitar and it is definitely my favorite acoustic. I want to make it an acoustic electric guitar. I was looking at active, passive and piezo pickups

I don't know which pickup i should get. I do know that i do not want a soundhole pickup. I have about 50- 120 dollars to spend on the pickup.

Which pickup would be best for my guitar. It's a Dean 3/4 acoustic mini mah guitar.

I really need options here. I want more of a full resonant sound to be heard from the guitar and pickup. 

Please help guys. Thanks

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  • Emdog
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    2 months ago
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    Get an active under saddle piezo. Plenty of pickup, jack, battery holder and eq available on Amazon. I'd suggest aiming towards minimal size eq if you have to cut into body as 3/4 size doesn't have acres of space for that. I have an LR Baggs active under saddle that just has a small volume wheel in soundhole. Very easy to install and minimal messing with body. Probably some copycats available. Don't go totally cheap, btw

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  • mars
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    2 months ago

    The 'under-sound-board/saddle piezo' combo is more resonant. Dean Markley, Fishman and Seymour-Duncan are good. I prefer the sound-hole pick-ups tone.

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