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Whats so bad about being a incel?

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    It indicates psychological disorder.  The person externalises the lack of self-esteem they have to another source.  It's not women, either individually or collectively, who are the problem.  Rather, it's them.  Across time they magnify this into a contempt, even hatred or all women.  That's always irrational.  Even if they have poor skill at socialising, that can be developed across time with counseling, training & practice.  They can decrease their sexual frustration by meeting with prostitutes - there are always women who will let the guy get satisfaction for $.  It's even perfectly legal in many & evermore jurisdictions.  It's a self-made problem that need not exist at all.             

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      Oh, look, we have at least one INCEL who dislikes that I call him out for the fraud that he is.  Go back to stroking your joke, "Tiny."  

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    For incel guys there are a number of bad features of being an "incel". Remember the term is short for "involuntary celibate". Men go to considerable effort to get a female partner and to eventually have sex, so it must be important. For incel-guys this important area of their lives is lacking, and they either can't or don't know how to fix it.

    Problems they face:

    A) They don't get to experience sex with another person.

    B) They are deprived of affectionate touch. For straight guys there is a huge taboo about intimate touch with another male. Our society sexualises male touch, so a straight guy relies on a female partner for intimate touch. Touch isn't a necessity in adult life, but does have health benefits. Infants who never receive affectionate touch actually fail to gain weight.

    C) They get a distorted view of sex until they actually experience it.

    D) They lack experience at sex, and don't learn how to do it well. If in later life they actually get an opportunity to have sex and the woman realises he is still a virgin at his age it may be a deal-breaker.

    E) Some turn to prostitution as a solution. But there is the risk of STIs, there is the expense, it can become addictive, it is illegal in many places, and they don't learn how to have sex well. And they go through life with the shame that their first time was with a sex-worker.

    F) Our culture tells men that loss of virginity and ability to seduce a woman is an important milestone of becoming a "man". So they feel they aren't "real men".

    G) They generally don't get helpful advice. The most frequent advice is to "keep trying" or "the right one will come along".

    H) Some fall victim to charlatans: either to unethical introduction agencies or to courses which promise a "sure-fire" way to seduce a woman.

    I) Some people ask them if they are gay (especially mothers who can't imagine that women aren't attracted to their son). These days gay guys aren't respected until they come out of the closet.

    J) Often if they approach women it is considered to be "harassment" especially in the workplace. And for some of these guys their only social contacts with women occur in the workplace.

    K) There are a number of myths about incels:

    - that they are only wanting young attractive females, and turning down less attractive females who are a match for them (in fact even the ones who match them in attractiveness turn them down),

    - they feel "entitled" to sex (not all feel this way);

    - they hate women (again not all feel this way):

    - they are potential terrorists (this is as valid as saying all Muslims are terrorists).

    L) "Incel" has now become an insult.

    No guy would choose to be an "incel", in fact by definition it's involuntary. The term did allow them to meet each other online and complain about their lot, but they don't have good advice for each other.

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  • 2 months ago

    It will give your hand lots of exercise... LOL

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    Somebody has to keep the Star Wars franchise alive.

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    It's involuntary, or so they perceive it. The way some behave does make me think it's a choice.

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