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How does one get over the despair of futility?

I'm at that age now where I understand that I probably wont get any healthier any richer any stronger or make any real impact that will be remembered long in this world. I feel like from here, all that's left is a hard life of simply doing my best to tread water and giving whatever i can of myself to others, until the day I no longer can. How does one move past that? Where do you look for hope once that realization has set in?

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  • 2 months ago

    You will soon participate in the fulfillment of your destiny if you want to. Praying in tongues is praying the will of God for your life.

    Praying in tongues is probably the most important thing I have learned to do. Learn to pray in tongues, and pray in tongues for at least an hour every evening before going to bed. Since I started doing this I have had numerous dreams, visions, and even encounters with Yeshua ("Jesus"). Here is a document I put together to help people understand and get started:

    Here is some "soaking" music to listen to while praying or reading - it is important to pray and read out loud, there is power in the spoken word:

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  • 2 months ago

    Why did you buy into all the lies?  Nothing matters,  ha!  People don't mostly think that.

    Why did you ever buy into evolution,  the globe with no proof?

    Btw?  How many ARE remembered in this world?   I don't hear anyone talk about that, EVER.

    I took all sciences and earth is flat with mountains,  oceans etc.

    God made it all.

    Nevermind questions.   That's what God did.  So badly maligned, blamed.

    No Matter how much it's been destroyed,  how does it remain beautiful for us?

    My hope is in Jesus,  Yehoshua, partly bcuz I LIKE HIM!

    This otherwise insignificant DOT thinks VERY highly.

    Turns out that matters.  I matter.  Hated by the world(a system), evil, wicked people.

    Yes, might DIE for that.

    You and I know we're going to die anyway. What a laugh. 

    God in Christ makes the difference. 

    Notice I didn't mention Heaven before this.

    I have no big interest in that.

    Reconsider reality.

    I'll return for comments. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Jump down the rabbit hole. Learn to recognize the reality bubbling underneath the surface 

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