Would Disney or Syracuse NY be better for Sweet 16?

So, my sweet 16 is next June. I’m very town over going to Syracuse in New York or Walt Disney World. Here’s the gist, so my father was born in New York and its a beautiful place going to Alexandria Bay, the wonderful Italian restaurants and, of course, 15 of my cousins and 3 aunts and 4 uncles. But, I live in Florida, so there’s the long flights. (I went there when I was 10 by the way, haven’t been back since) Then there’s Disney. See, I’m a Disney fanatic, I’m severely obsessed. I went for my 14th and it was magical. But, since it’s June, it’s going to be PACKED and I’m worried I’m not going to enjoy how blazing hot it’s going to be and waiting in line AND having to plan everything to a T, yes I did cry out of happiness with the fireworks, but I mean I cried out of happiness when Jon Snow was alive, so it’s doesn’t take much lol. So what should I do? I’ve already told my friends I’m probably going to Disney but I’m feeling kinda bad now! And I haven’t seen my dad for my past 2 birthdays (First was Disney, second I got tickets to San Antonio for my mom to see my sick Aunt and go to dinner) I can also tell my Dad feels kinda sad about me leaving again without him. I can tel he really wants to go to NY. Thanks for any advice!!

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  • 2 months ago
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    I say go with your gut feeling.

    If it were me, I would go to Syracuse. In my experience, it doesn't get easier to visit distant family as you get older. People move, they get their own family where they have to spend equal time with the in-laws, university/college gets in the way, money can be tight when you're just starting out, parents, aunt, and uncles get old etc.

    I believe it will be easier to go to Disneyland later than Syracuse.

    But again, I'm not you. It's your sweet 16 and you should spend it in a way that you can look back on it with fond memories.

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  • 2 months ago

    Why would you want to plan everything to Disney to a "t"?

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      Guess what... If you are 5 minutes late for a fast pass, they still let you use the fast pass and if you are 30 minutes (as in THIRTY) late for a reservation, they still let you dine or do the event.  So if you miss "one thing" everything else is not thrown off. 

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    2 months ago

    Shut up rich kid

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  • 2 months ago


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