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Getting shot in my dream?

I had a dream that I was the only one shot in a room full of cops and coworkers!! What does it mean ??  everything Was black after I got shot ? nobody reached out to help ! 

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    Our whole world is a very violent place in 2019. Just listen to the daily news.  So it is no wonder that the violence has made it's way into your dreams. To add insult to injury, your dream shows you being shot in a place one would think was safe, a police station, or a room filled with aw enforcement officers.  Reality fades to black as the wound you suffered takes control of your body, and of course, no one acted as a "good samaritan" to help you out.  

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  • Nom
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    1 month ago

    it means the cops investigated themselves and cleared themselves of any wrong doing so no one acknowledged a gun was even fired

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