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i met this girl at a store.i got her insta so i texted her.we started texting but now she doesn't reply but sees my msgs.what does it mean?

i have texted her twice. she saw my message after 2 days then she saw my 2nd text after 6-7 days. if i dont want to talk with a person , i just block them or do not see the message


why is she even seeing my messages. why doesn't she just block me and end this thing? is she doing it on purpose. if i do not want to talk with a person , i never see his or her message or just block them if they message me continuously

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    Maybe she is not that into you or maybe she has a boyfriend. Cyber relationships rarely work out. Do you know anything about her? Her likes?, Her dislikes? If the answer is no, then ask her to meet you for breakfast or lunch in a public place to get to know her. If she ignores the request, then move on...She is not that into you...or may be in a relationship.

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      i met her at a store. she was continuously staring at me , she sat next to me but i didn't talk as i am a shy guy. then she intentionally asked me for some help while there were plenty of guys to help her including the store manager. this is how we met bro but now she has i don't know her

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  • 2 months ago

    You can always stop sending her stuff too. Who says you have to be the king?

    • arnav2 months agoReport

      cause she didn't reply me for 3 months if i didnt text her

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