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I dont know where I stand?

So I've known this guy for 9 months but have started to hang out with him almost every single day straight for the past 4 months. I call his mom mom. We enjoy each others company.  We flirt with each other a lot . I know he was out of a bad toxic long 7 yr relationship for a while. He does his own thing and I do mine and we only really hang out at night when i guess were both bored. Hes busy and so am i during the day due to work so that's no issue. We usually hand midnight til sunrise. Eat together and what not.

I've become so consumed by my feelings and told him. Hes known howni felt but nothing was said . He didnt reject me or say anything and changed the subject. I told him as I dropped him off because I was scared. 

I've heard from his mom that he has changed a lot since meeting me. Is happier. Stopped doing things in the past he always did. 

I just dont know what this means.... any help? I'm at a lost of what to do. I dont want to hold onto someone who doesnt have any feelings for me and miss an opportunity with someone who does want me.

Im currently just going with the flow with things. 

I'm 28 and he is 38. We both act like teenagers as my friends say when we are together.

Please dont be rude. Thanks

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  • 1 month ago

    He's changed the subject for a reason. It's too soon. Four months will always be too soon. He's not ready to discuss it. You can go on as you are or see other people and see how that goes. You have to work during the day and you hang out all night? What about weekends? Is he only with you at home at night because I think that's kind of a bad sign.

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      Weekend or weekday we usually hang midnight to am. I hang at his house often just not at mine.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I would give it about another month or so. Then talk about your feelings again. he may be trying to figure things out and see how he feels about. Like you said he was in a 7 year relationship which probally took alot out of him. He probally just needs some time and space. Things seem good based on what you said, but he is proablly just taking it really slow becuase of his past

    plz answer mine

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