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Can I use aquarium ornaments for toys for mice to climb on ?

I am thinking about geting 2 pet mice with my birthday and Christmas money as I have wanted mice for a few years now. My uncle has quite a lot of aquarium ornaments that he doesn't need now because he is moving house and he can not have fish there. I'm just not quite sure if I could use them as I have looked it up on the internet and the awnsers have been very vague.  

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  • odd
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    1 month ago

    I would use cardboard items or wooden ones as mice gnaw on everything. Assuming that the aquarium ornaments aren't toxic their use in a mice cage would be wasted, and they aren't exactly cheap. You might want to hang onto them if you plan on setting up a fish tank any time in the future.

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  • 2 months ago

    They are going to chew and some things can be a choke hazard or even toxic. Plastic is a no no. Maybe ceramics, large rocks(they will pee on those)

    Fish and mice are very different and needs are also different. Chew toys, hides, climbing things, hammocks, and other enrichments. My 5 didn't seem to take to the running wheel much, they got their exercise exploring and climbing.

    Spent a good deal of time out of cage in their 'Disneyland' for mice and trick training.

    Don't forget their favorite treats, mine got addicted to chopped cashews and small smudges of natural peanut butter.

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  • Angel
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    2 months ago

    If the ceramic and hard plastic ones are fine to use, wash them down with down and water, scrub them to get the fish bacteria off them. Even the driftwoods safe if you wash them and scrub them down. Decorations eith small moving parts should be avoided but the skull or castle etc are fine to use. I even have a ceramic house my mice loved and a ceramic shipwreck. Make sure no really sharp corners, if they are chipped you can use wet dry sandpaper to smooth the edges however be careful as it removes the paint.

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