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People with these subhuman opinions deserve to be ridiculed, condemned, and ostracized! Can anybody prove me wrong?


"My opinions are the ONLY ones that matter! All that disagree with me are idiots because I’m better than them!"

“All gay people deserve to get AIDS and die!”

"It's completely acceptable to murder abortion doctors because they deserve to DIE, as do people who work at abortion clinics!"

"My race is the ONLY race that matters!"

"It's completely acceptable to molest children!"

"I hope Trump caters strictly to the one percent and leaves everybody else out to dry! Who cares about the needs of the lower and middle classes? They don't create jobs, do they?"

"It's completely acceptable to rape girls who dress provocatively!"

"Narcissists and bullies deserve to have great social lives. They are fun and exciting to be around! They are the best people to have as friends! Whoever hates them has the worst taste in people!"

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  • 2 months ago

    I agree that you should be ridiculed, condemned, and ostracized. You should also be sterilized.

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