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True or False: Means Testing to make sure folks stay poor enough for Welfare, discourages them from trying to get ahead in life?

Why work more/harder if it will end your income assistance?

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    The way it works for me, I can own my own house and have up to a million in the bank, before they cut me off altogether, unless I start working full time, for two years. Then I'm not considered disabled anymore. I been disabled, many people are, but you know, it did kind of stop me from seeking a full time job. I had various part time jobs and have done internet marketing as my own boss for about a decade. That brings money into the country, from overseas, whereas my pizza job didn't. 

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  • 1 month ago

    It appalls me just how lazy and unmotivated in life you right-wingers are. I work hard and keep trying to move up because I make a lot of money and I can live a good life. I live a million times better than people who live in poverty and barely getting by on the tiny amount of assistance they receive. If you think you would be happy in a situation like that forever there is something seriously wrong with you! People who are in that situation are not there because they want to be! But I know, for you lazy right-wingers the idea of working hard to improve your situation is impossible to imagine because you'd genuinely be happy accomplishing nothing in life and barely getting by as long as you never had to work! But that is not how normal everyday people are. 

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      Maybe you are a good socialist that longs for the downfall of the American way of life after all my fellow good socialist! I hope you are sitting down my fellow good socialist because you get my good socialist of the day award for lying above and beyond the call of duty for a good socialist! 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    T r u e




    Don’t penalize someone for finally being able to afford a pot to pee in 

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  • 1 month ago

    If one works hard enough, and certainly smart enough, they can pass through the need for assistance and on to personal sustainability. 

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