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Can someone interpret my dream?

I am severing ties with a guy. (The guy is unknown in the dream until afterwards.) I am standing in the back of his yard and I am telling his entire house(the actual structure) that I am done. Now subconsciously I know I should not grab the spay paint and draw a heart where the rose bush was. But I did it anyway.Then Denzel Washington appears explaining that I knew that anyone who did anything to that scared space had to be killed. And that he had to kill them.( Denzel is who I was taking my heart from. I was trying to regain my power from a broken heart but at the same time exited spitefully.) Not wanting to kill me he begins to point the gun at himself and i run after him. I catch up to him and there is Micheal B.Jordan who attempts to sacrifice himself for me. It was not successful I had to watch him suffer. I woke up because I couldn't take watching him in pain. Now this is the thing I think the people represent other people. Denzel Washington was proclaimed to be one of the finest black actors.There was a lot of hype around his skills as well. The idea of him being fine has to grown on me and as I get older and watching him in younger films I see where the opinion on his charm and skills came from. So to me its a symbol of someone I had to learn to love and appreciate but may have taken it for granted. Micheal B. Jordan is a crush of mine someone I view as amazing. So some one help to explain is this a dream of creativity or could there be real meaning behind it.

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    Your dream is quite convoluted and goes on for a long time. The one major theme in the dream is your appreciation of black men, especially black actors.  And you are not alone with this appreciation.  

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