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as a guy, is It true that the best way to gain confidence around women is to simply just get rejected by them and making mistakes?

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    I think a key is to learn to listen to women when they speak. Not be thinking about what you're going to say next but to be listening to what they are saying to you. Not endlessly, of course, but enough to get a clue as to how women think.

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  • 2 months ago

    It's NOT the best way, but it is HOW I LEARNED.  An easier secret is to MAKE THEM "SMILE".

    Practice this with ALL PEOPLE.

    When you make a person smile, their DEFENSES DROP and relax and enjoy your company.  

    The key to Breaking the Ice with ANYONE, 

    is in the ability to make People Smile and Enjoy your company. 

    Always use Smiles, Humor and Compliments to approach people. 

    USE SMILES (to make them relax), 

    USE HUMOR (to make them Smile or Laugh), 

    USE COMPLIMENTS (to make them feel good about themselves 

    when they are around you)


    Wouldn't you want to be around someone 

    that made you feel good about yourself? 

    Practice is about FAILING, until You Get Better. 

    DO NOT be afraid to Practice. 

    Practice is just taking BABY STEPS, until it becomes Who You Are. 

    Anyone who Rejects you is just PRACTICE. 

    Anyone who Engages you is PROGRESS. 

    Develop Popularity And The Girl You Are Looking For 

    Will Probably Find You. 

    If you don't start PRACTICING this now, you will lose out on many other opportunities (girls) in the future. 

    The Players call it "Having Game."


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  • 2 months ago

    Yes but you left something out: You have to approach them and then get rejected by them and make mistakes. 

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