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Where can I get my wisdom teeth cleaned?

My dental hygienist and dentist have both recommended that I get my wisdom teeth taken out. However, they are not causing me any pain or problems being in except that they are difficult to clean because they're so far back in my mouth. Therefore, I don't believe I need to get them taken out and risk the complications of dental surgery. 

I have been using an end tuft tooth brush and a water pick to keep them as clean as I can, but I still have tarter that needs to be cleaned off. I went to my dental cleaning three times now and noticed the hygienists are not cleaning my wisdom teeth. I asked why and they said "they're really far back there" and continue to recommend that I get them pulled. 

Well, if the dental surgeron has enough space to yank them out, why isn't there enough space to clean them like they clean the rest of my teeth? Would he have some special equiptment in order to clean them? Or is this just neglience, and should I just go to another hygienst that will clean my wisdom teeth. Any thoughts?

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  • 2 months ago

    I have the same situation--I left one dentist who recommended taking out all of my wisdom teeth because he might be on vacation when they come in (hadn't even erupted)!!  Then another wanted to remove my bottom one that had mostly erupted because it "might maybe be pushing food up into the one on top."  left that one too.  I have one mostly erupted wisdom tooth wayyyy in the back of my mouth--and my current dentist has no issue with it--just reminds me to brush and the hygienist has no problem getting at it to clean it-so yeah--get another dentist! jmho

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  • In
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    2 months ago

    Find another dentist.

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  • 2 months ago

    You should listen to dental professionals.  They place pressure on your teeth, and may lead to problems if you do not have them removed.

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    • Kid Mohawk
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      To each their own, I suppose.  Mine grew in so badly rotted that they began breaking apart as they pushed through the gum.  How a tooth rots while still up in the gums is beyond me, but it was incredibly painful.

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