HELP! I just built a PC and the USB ports don't work?

I just built a PC today and when I tried turning it on, everything turned on as it should. (Fans, lights, etc, etc). But I noticed that nothing was coming up on my screen when plugged into the HDMI and my keyboard/mouse wouldn't turn on when plugged in on the rear ports or front ports.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Perhaps the motherboard is faulty, or the connector to the board from PSU is bad, not getting the +5V to board, or the PSU is bad.

    That is all that can be guessed from your details, which were almost nothing.

    Source(s): I was swapping RAM strips and accidentally knocked off the cable to MB that supplies power to CPU. Dumb! And after only 30 years building and repairing them.
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